AXNEW display industrial monitor


AXNEW display shared with you something about the industrial monitor.

How to select one industrial monitor?

Industrial lcd monitors also sever the same purpose as lcd monitors for laptops.

However, a true industrial monitor: will start and run in harsh working environments, will operate in much hotter conditions ,always working with out color change.

The first parts are the components which need wide temperature LCD panel, up to industrial level.
The second one is with wide temperature control board to support its long use life.

The third one is simply mounted in a steel or aluminum frame that allows it to be mounted in an equipment rack.
However not just consumer grade electronics in a metal case!

Both the open frame monitor or industrial lcd monitor, with touch or not ,we would like to make our efforts to provide you the best solutions both on the price and the products for your projects.

Post time: Dec-10-2018
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