New website industrial monitors for AXNEW company


Established in year 2009, Axnew successfully established long term relationship with clients in this industrial display line around the world. To believe, our first website are well known by our regular customers.

Now our group starts our second website : https:// to expand our marketing, which is mainly introducing our main products, open frame monitors from 5 inch to 40 inch, industrial monitors from 8.4 inch to 22 inch, touch screen solution from 6.5 inch to 42 inches, panel pcs from 8.4 inch to 15 inches, sunlight readable LCD monitor from 10.4 inch to 46 inches, etc. Detailed specifications are shown on this site.

If there are some suggestions or comment on our second website issues, welcome to contact us .

With the coming Chinese new year in 2014, we will be greatly thankful for your great support and our mutual successful business in 2014,  AXNEW  wish you and your family all the best.

Thank you.

Axnew group


Post time: Jan-13-2019
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